Los Angeles Ink Stains #38

 In Food One Art, Los Angeles Ink Stains

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  • nandoninny

    when are these going to be collected?!

    i travel alot and i think it would be awesome to travel w/ a book like this!

    i've read them all but it'd be nice to have them all collected in a manner i could read on an airplane or waiting for a train or something.

  • Neworld

    Does your relationship to Joe Casey have any relation to the fact that you're drawing spider-man stuff for marvel? Is it possible we'll see you in the pages of ASM? A back-up perhaps?

  • Food One

    yep, me and Joe Casey are doing a thing for Web of Spider-Man. i think it comes out in april….

  • farel

    jim, i like these comics. your life seems so fun. i am jealous of you getting to see peewee. i sent you an email a while back about that spaceman print. it looks awesome. i love it.

  • Hank

    "god… I´m turning into my dad…" hahahaha… what next? "get off my lawn!" or "…these annoying kids with their god damn rollerblades playin hockey in the street again!!!"

  • sammy!

    "its like comic con but without the fat nerds dressed as Green Lanter"…hey' I'm hurt….hahaha j/k… nice skit bro! diggin it…