Los Angeles Ink Stains #37

 In Food One Art, Los Angeles Ink Stains

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  • KellySean

    Nice way to wrap up the year man. Stoked you branched out and you're getting your art in as many places as possible. And for the record, Kick Drum was sick! Don't forget about us comickers who been down since day one!

  • Rick

    Been following you for a while now and always stoked when a new post pops up in my reader. there's tow kinds I people -those who do and those who don't. you're always charging it and that inspires. like old Bukowski would says amongst the wreckage of his life, and I paraphrase "passion is all that matters."

    nuff respect


    Awesome ink stains man! Fuck american idol! Viva Revolucion!

  • Chris Battle

    HA– special appearance by Mike Moon in page one?

  • Charly

    Loved this issue, congrats on an awesome and super successful 2009! 🙂

  • DivineJoy

    Enjoyed this!!

  • Patrick

    Very cool as always. I can definitely relate to the worry over the state of the world. It's hard for me to make art when it seems like the system could collapse at any moment.
    But there's actually a lot of good stuff happening right now. People are learning to live with less and are caring more about the economy and government. Entrepreneurs are working on clean energy sources, and the corporate world is starting to get a clue. Crime and abuse have been declining rapidly since the 90s. The global economy is starting to recover (but we probably won't get back to normal until 2013, best case) and Obama is, at the very least, acting like he intends to crack down on asshole bankers (who did have to pay back 145 billn. already). In fact, according to a study called the Human Security Report, the world's actually been getting less violent and abusive since the 1980s thanks to the UN and humanitarians. There's always hope, and art's a big part of it.
    Fight the good fight, and keep making great art!

  • Sam Spina

    I really liked this ink stains, it seemed more sincere then some of the other ones. Your story telling is getting better and better! 2010 is gonna be the year of the food.

  • James1

    Love the comic, dig your illustration…

    I don't get your world view. Not sure I agree that Obamas another culprit like the Bush Regime ended up being. Things aren't going to change in a year (or four). Things have ALWAYS been fucked if you look at it in that scope.

  • Allan L.

    Keep kicking ass, Jim.
    Yo…I bought one of your Mixtape joints (which completes my collection) AND your Sparrow volume when I was in Minneapolis two weeks ago (shout-out to Big Brain Comics). You can count on me for support!


    Glad u had a good year…and you def rite about Obama, but we should also not be cynical because we can change the world. Stay up.

    p.s. i hope u dont start making money on comics and keep those coming…