Los Angeles Ink Stains #21

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  • Charly

    Jim, so sorry to hear about your friend – sending my condolences… <3

  • Jim Lujan

    Another cool Ink Stains. Great peek inside your life. Sorry to hear about your friend. My best wishes.

  • Neil

    That’s too funny about Ben(Templesmith). Sorry about your friend, man.

  • Samantha

    saw a guy in a bar with tattoo that read “laugh now cry later” …
    i guess this is what it means.
    my condolences.

  • kylestevensmusic

    So sorry to hear about your friend Jim, sending you good vibes from Seattle. -Kyle

  • Oracle_Batgirl

    Amazing work. Really pulled me along and took me back, in turn. A new fan is minted tonight.

  • Sir Saynt

    Food, longtime fan and fellow artist here. I love when the positive vibes flow, but drinking/stoning every day/night has been wearing on me and it seems like you too. I mean, I’m kinda hung over right now (yeah, its bad) so I can’t preach, but damn if I’m not sick of this shit. I’m shooting for the positive, so let’s hang in there man. Stay funky…

  • hector casanova

    beautiful and sad and fucked. sorry, man.


  • EddieChingLives

    Your Ink Stains are brilliant! So much energy! Collect these in a trade and you will get my money. Or an oversized 40 page comic like your Amazing Kickdrum comics. It never was so easy to spend money on a comic. All I had to do was pick it up and open it up. You are on the top of your game!

  • Charly

    Hear hear on an Ink Stains trade!!

  • Urban Barbarian

    Awesome Strip! Sorry to hear about your friend. Didn’t know that.

    I nursed my hangover in Melbourne and didn’t get back until Wednesday.

    Man, that was a good time! Mahfood for Prez!