Los Angeles Ink Stains #20

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  • neila

    that was wonderful jim!! youre an inspiration! classic…

  • JaneDope

    You’re out of your mind……..

    and I love you for it.

  • Brian Churilla

    Loving this comic. Good meeting you at ECCC.


  • Amelia Louise

    WEEEEEEEE! great night. 🙂

  • aaron

    how do have a pot brownie after a night of drink and drugs!?
    thats hardcore man

    I cant do anymore drugs after I once had waaaaay tooo many mushrooms in Ireland in a forest.
    I spent the night in a world in my mind where there was 6 foot mutant insects trying to talk to me
    I didnt just see it…I was there man!!!!!
    fucked up
    took me 6 months to shake that one off!
    now I cant even smoke a joint lol!!
    thank gawd for beer!

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