Los Angeles Ink Stains #9

 In Food One Art, Los Angeles Ink Stains

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  • Mister

    sounded like fun!

  • Aloquin

    Awesome… are there any pictures on the net of the Artist Workshop? I’d love to see that!

  • Hororo

    That’s some nice week-end.

  • Wynn Ryder

    I love these!


    dude i fucking love these man..youre inspiring me to create my own little ink stain…

  • Evolved Athletic

    you know your weekend is productive when it makes an interesting panel, thanks for the advice in square 9.

  • artsprojekt

    The artist workshop is actually called Writerz Blok, FOOD One man you huffin’ those paint fumes!

  • Food One

    noted and corrected, thx. those fumes, man! fuck it, i’m buying a mask for next time…