Los Angeles Ink Stains #6

 In Food One Art, Los Angeles Ink Stains

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  • Ana

    That was very touching, man. Nice of you to share.


    great tribute…

  • bombadepanico

    I’m really sorry for your loss man, good friends are hard to find and it must suck to lose ’em like that. Very touching.

    Keep doing great stuff

  • JaneDope

    thank you

  • Jon Rob

    One of the best things I’ve read in ages. Really touching stuff

  • Aloquin


  • *daisy

    really moving piece… thank you for sharing.

  • xxsp!racy

    That was very deep,man I could feel the emotions right through the page. This was a great comic.

  • Simon

    That was beautiful man.

  • Parka

    Nice comics

  • Hororo

    Beautiful and very touching.

  • Monkeyfeather

    That was a good story. Thanks for sharing.

  • Vee (Scratch)

    INk Stains series is tight.
    It’s good to see that you’re celebrating his memory and your friendship.

  • Ed Bickford

    out of all of your stuff. This has got to be my fav.

  • le blog de beton

    i’m wait for the french version.

  • Wooden Cow

    This was a great one. I too lost a good friend a while back and you showed the grieving process in a wonderful way. Cheers.

  • Alex

    this is beautiful, sir.