Los Angeles Ink Stains # 44

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Fucking finally!! It’s been a minute. Feels good to get back to the Ink Stains. I knew I couldn’t stay away forever. Back in 2009, when the economy hit the shitter, all the freelance work dried up, and I had the worst year in my professional art career. I actually thought I was going to have to move out of my apartment at one point, and that I might end up homeless on the streets of Hollywood. Ugh. So, I decided to keep myself busy, to keep my mind off things, and I began to document the weirdness of my life out here in comic form. Thus, Los Angeles Ink Stains was born. Ironically, the comics got a great reaction and a nice cult following and a bunch of new people became aware of my work. 2010 hit and I began getting offers for work again. Making money off your talent is awesome, it’s the only way to live, and things started to look up again. Unfortunately, non-paying work, like Ink Stains, fell to the wayside. Then this year started off with such a bang, I just didn’t have time for it at all. But then I realized how much rad shit I have missed out on writing and drawing about. And I’m not one of those people that gets super personal with the facebook and twitter stuff. I just use those things as tools to pimp my work. It seems like cheating documenting things that way. And everyone is doing it now, and it’s like, honestly, who gives a shit? This is my format. So, here we go! Remember, the entire archive of Ink Stains is right HERE. A collected book is in the works, too. Thanks for reading!

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  • Beany

    YES!!! I love Ink Stains!!!


  • Matt

    Sweet. I've been dying for new Ink Stains. Thanks, man… And you look slick in that bonus strip!

  • Neil

    YAY! My likeness will be published!

  • eyyojung


    back on track. just awesome!

  • Allan Lorde

    Awesome! I was thinking about Ink Stains a couple of days ago! Man, I'd kill to see that MOCA show.

  • craig

    Damn. Ink stains is awesome.

  • *daisy

    always love these!! : D

    very inspiring to hear about the good and bad times as an artist… it reminds one that it's always worth working on your stuff and keeping making art even through the bad financial times…

  • Jackson

    Was wondering when i was going to see another one of these – love it!

  • I am Chubby Bunny

    Totally kickass. Just finished reading all the archived Ink Stains.. inspiring! Amped to see more!

  • Janice-Marie: Smith

    Glad its back! 😀