Los Angeles Ink Stains #33

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  • Stephen

    Food!!!! Wicked stuff – great to see you and badandy up to all good! malo in december

  • Food One

    sloan!!! we miss you, dude. hope all is well….

  • Neworld

    That ending was great.

  • DivineJoy

    LOL, funny stuff.

  • buddahfist

    haha, how'd you know he'd be under a bridge!?

  • JaneDope

    I called him after Jim woke me up. All I could understand were the words bridge and Cesar Chavez…the rest is Ink Stains history…

  • Chris

    I can't tell you enough how much I love the INK STAIN!!! I think they're amazingly entertaining. I love the sense of realism! I Love your fresh, immediate style. If you published a book of all of them, I'd TOTALLY buy it. I'm a big fan.

  • Drew Barillas

    Food man, love the work, I met Jane Dope today. She hip me to Ink Stains, and it's funny as shit Yo. Hope to see more crazy stories, peace.

  • badandysoria

    it is true friends that will come and rescue you from under a bridge on ceasar chavez. who's a champion!? you can say it out loud…