Los Angeles Ink Stains #31

 In Food One Art, Los Angeles Ink Stains

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  • Andre R

    Nice catchin' up with you Mr. Food!

  • Hororo

    Good luck with the dirty dishes !

  • tim wertz

    You're everything I wanted to be when I grew up! Thanks for sharing.

  • Mark

    Epic!, my brain is still spinning from all the stuff you put into this one.

  • Dave Crosland

    Yes! You managed to capture it all, Food! Excellent as always. And definitely one of your most epic Ink Stains yet.


    serious epicness going on, wish i could made it out to that 944 party

  • Fábio Moon

    Next time I go to L.A., I want to go to this L.A. where so much stuff happens.

    Awesome comics, as usual.

  • Wynn Ryder

    I love this. You're amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Don't stop posting such themes. I like to read blogs like this. By the way add some pics 🙂

  • Anonymous

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