Los Angeles Ink Stains #28

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  • Chris Battle


  • kalle

    Too rad!!!

  • JaneDope

    Jesus Christ Man…

  • Mark

    That was the best con report I've read yet, way more interesting that all that industry news.

  • industri studios

    @Mark: Agreed… THIS is the Con I'd want to attend…

    @Jim: Some day I, too, hope to be able to write the words "they airbrushed out all the vaginas" – THAT is a mark of success…

    Great as always!

  • Scott Morse


  • JasonShawnAlexander

    yooooouu horrible bastard you.
    nicely put.

  • Ted

    Very fucking cool man.

  • Charly

    sweet!! it's fun living vicariously through your world via ink stains. 🙂

  • Allan L.

    Charly totally said what I had on my mind.

  • BrikHed

    "blood and paint on my hands" yep that is a good con

  • Marc

    I wish everyone did con reports this very way.

  • Vee (Scratch)

    HOw to survive Comic Con!?!

  • Kody Chamberlain

    Jim, you killed me with this thing man. 😀

  • DSO

    love it 🙂


    Hey! the movie "Rad" is dope.

    Even though they jump over people in slow motion without any raps being visible. Haha.

  • rick

    When are these "L.A. Ink Stains" coming out in book/comic form? I think they're some of your best work yet.

  • kathleen

    ha! nice jim! you, most certainly, had a better comic con experience than i did.

  • Harper

    I feel like I was there!
    Great work on the blog… posted about it at my new online home:

  • 5colorcowboy

    nice to be part of LAIS,u lil juggernaut

  • Hororo

    Awesome !

  • Distant

    Holy shit…so fucking cool. I live vicariously through this stuff. And will DEFINITELY be there next year!