Los Angeles Ink Stains #24

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  • Nick Hurwitch

    That is one packed ink stain. Is the Megan Fox book for Jennifer’s Body?

  • sunny_Jay

    Lovin #24, Jim 🙂

  • bombadepanico

    It really cheered me up. We are in control.

  • Justin


    That ‘Death’ album is awesome!


  • John G

    You’ve never read Invisibles????? Goddamn. I haven’t read it in years, but that shit is bonkers!

  • Neworld

    Love me some venture bros!

  • Micha

    For a second I thought you were referring to this quite amazing 90s metal band called DEATH!
    Great ink stains again….

  • P Cleland

    how can a brother get a hold of that death album? so far everything you’ve mentioned in your books that I’ve followed up on has been mega sweet. I wanna take a chomp a this death album as well.