Los Angeles (French) Ink Stains Part 2

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  • Joseph Antoniello

    Damn Food…sounds like an amazing trip!

  • Mike Huddleston

    Epic! And accurate!!! Wow, you've got a better memory than me.
    For a few days after that trip I'd wake up in the middle of the night not having any idea what city or country I was in!

  • Sam Spina

    FUCK dude. I couldn't do it, I would be dead. Epic ink stains for sure

  • industri studios

    Epic indeed.

    I agree with Sam – I'd have been dead by page 5.

  • Dave Crosland

    Mad. Fucking. Kudos.

    Great comic, man! Way to sum up the trip. I was even a fan of your odd recreations of famous French architecture. Haha!

  • JaneDope

    Thanks for the sweet cameo! Can I actually come to France next time though? Word.

  • Hororo

    You can't believe how much I regret not going to your drawing session at Album in Paris ! Hopefully, after such a good trip, you'll be back soon. It's funny how much you enjoyed french and Parisian life and had a good time. I don't seem to have such luck myself and I live and work in this town ! Glad to see there are such awesome people around here. I'll try to make it to your next Paris show to see some of them since you seem to attract such great vibes.


    this took me all morning to read but i loved it! your trip looked freaking awesome, I'm with Sam though, I'd be dead after all that for sure

  • Prince Nez

    Seems like a graphic version of Jack Kerouac's book "On The Road" you know? When these guys are looking for "it" in bars and jazz clubs.

    Really enjoyed reading this! and Mike's right you sure have a good memory! Peace BRO!

    ps: hey Mike!

  • Dave F

    fuckin more epic than lord of the rings shit right there, man. awesome. so so awesome. thank you for sharing. make sure you come to Pittsburgh on your Midwest tour of 2010!

  • JBomb1

    You're wild, man! Wild!