grrl scouts

In 1995, Mahfood released his very first self-published effort under the 40oz Comics banner with GIRL SCOUTS #1. The book was only released around the Midwest and immediately sold-out everywhere. This was pre-internet so this was all word-of-mouth and people in the know that began spreading the gospel of the Girls. Food quickly followed this up with GIRL SCOUTS #2. Another success, but the Girl Scouts of America didn’t think this was funny at all and sent Mahfood a cease and desist letter. So, the spelling of the name was quickly changed to GRRL SCOUTS and the adventures continued on!

The GRRL SCOUTS next adventure could be found in COSMIC TOAST #1 (1996)

The GRRL SCOUTS finally got their own 4-issue mini-series through Oni Press in 1998

This was followed up with 2003’s 4-issue mini-series GRRL SCOUTS: WORK SUCKS, published by Image Comics