colt 45

In 2007, Mahfood was tapped by the Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewing Company to handle all the art chores for the 2007-08 COLT 45 malt liquor ad campaign. Over 30 different illustrations were produced and used in various formats, ranging from magazine ads to liquor store stand-ups to billboards, posters, animated commercials, 40oz brown bags, liquor truck displays, and more. The crown jewel of the entire campaign: Jim got to see his visuals used on four different limited edition beer cans that hit liquor stores in the summer of ’08. Those cans are now extremely rare Collector’s Items.
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Screenshot from the Tales of Colt 45 website –

Colt 45 mural in Philadelphia

Vapors magainze featuring a Colt 45 Double Page Comic Ad

Food One art on a Colt 45 Truck