carl, the cat that makes peanut butter sandwiches

CARL, THE CAT THAT MAKES PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES in a one-shot, adults-only comic book produced by Food One (with Justin Stewart on colors) for the New York Comic-Con of 2010. The book quickly became one of the biggest hits at the show. It even caught the eye of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman. More on that in a minute.
So, who is Carl, exactly? He’s a cat. And he makes peanut butter sandwiches. For the mob. He also has a hot, bi-sexual, nymphomaniac girlfriend named Yuki who is always irritated that Carl is too busy making said peanut butter sandwiches to please her lady parts. Then there’s this whole run-in with some very aggressive Eskimos, a few girl-girl scenes, lots of beautiful violence, and a cameo from one of corporate America’s most tyrannical mascots. 24 pages of amazement. Absolutely not for kids.



After Kevin Eastman saw the CARL comic book in New York, he invited Mahfood to do an original Carl story for Heavy Metal Magazine. Score! This is Carl’s second and most recent appearance. 10 pages of bloodshed, lesbian lust, and outer space insanity.