40 oz comics

In 1998, Jim Mahfood began self-publishing his own mini-comics, all under the 40oz COMICS moniker. The minis usually contained several short stories, featuring his roster of infamous characters: Zombie Kid, the Grrl Scouts, Rocket Boy, and more. Bonus pin-ups, collabs with other artists, and lots of other fun stuff could be found within the pages of these classic underground publications. In 2003, 40oz COLLECTED, a collection of all the minis was published by Image Comics.

CLASSIC 40 OUNCE, published in 2005 by Image Comics, collected all of Mahfood’s very first underground self-published work. This included Girl Scouts #1 (’95), Girl Scouts #2 (’95), Cosmic Toast (’96), and a bunch of other short stories and comics he produced while still in college.

ASK FOR JANICE, published in 2007, is probably Mahfood’s rarest and most subversive book he’s ever self-published. The book is a 32-page behind the scenes illustrated documentation of the Beastie Boys’ ‘Paul’s Boutique’ album. Only 100 copies were printed and they sold-out immediately. Another 50 copies were printed and given away for free at the Beastie Boys Tribute Art Show at Gallery 1988 in LA. To this day, it is the most asked about and sought-out mini-comic in Food’s line of books.