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In 1997, Food One was contacted by Oni Press co-founder/editor-in-chief Bob Schreck and filmmaker Kevin Smith to illustrate Smith’s first full-length comic book. CLERKS, released in 1998, was a one-shot B&W phenomenon and helped launch Food’s career to an international audience almost overnight. The book sold-out repeatedly, and was reprinted over 7 different times.

Smith and Mahfood quickly followed up the success of CLERKS with another B&W one-shot comic book. This one was released right before Christmas of ’98, and appropriately entitled CLERKS (Holiday Special).


To celebrate the release of the Clerks 2 movie, Kevin Smith and Graphitti Designs hired Mahfood to illustrate a prequel comic, entitled “Where’s The Beef” (written by Smith, of course) for the one-shot book, TALES FROM CLERKS 2. The book also contained a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff from the flick and other bonus material.


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