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1396010_10205689536188644_4195372593648304764_nKiller Reese One @thekingfantastic & @chloedabbles represent! If you haven’t heard the new @thekingfantastic LP ‘The Great Man Theory’, you are missing out, man. 10 incredible tracks produced by @djtroublemaker… no bullshit or filler. This is grown man’s music, studio art-makin’ music. Love these dudes. Was so honored to help @soriasteven shoot their video for ‘Yup…Yup…Yup…’ today. Get a dope crew and make rad shit, that’s what it’s all about. More soon…
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The Beat Bee Sessions is an awesome podcast/mixtape series from Jim Mahfood and Jane Dope. We've been bringing you the best in funk, dance, and hip-hop for over 45 episodes....Dig it!

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