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Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 3.03.02 PMStar Wars x @iheartgirlsdotcom x @shaymaria collabo. #starwars #iheartgirls #collab #mixedmedia #therealshit #visualfunk #jimmahfood

10483937_10204261022836703_4106742208780647102_nMeeting The KING at San Diego Comic-Con in 1992. Jack Kirby is the undisputed grandmaster heavyweight champion of all comic book art. His style and flare go beyond space and time, man. His imagination was more powerful than 1000 other artist’s put together. The things that came out of his mind made billions, BILLIONS of dollars for corporations like Marvel. Sort of staggering to think about. Perhaps a very small amount of his power was transferred over to me through this hand shake? Probably not. Also, SDCC 1992! Holy shit, man! This was back in the day when you could just mail in a business card or a mini-comic and they would send you your badge in the mail. Haha. No hollywood douchebags, no shitty panels for tv shows that have nothing to do with the subculture, no red velvet rope VIP parties that exclude the little guy. It was just pure comics and art, baby! An idiot kid like me could just show up and walk right up to Jack Kirby and have a conversation with him. Gain a little knowledge. Glad I could be there for it. And thank you, Jack, for taking the time, man. It is a moment I will never forget.
#jackkirby #theking #magicpowers #sdcc #1992 #therealshit #visualfunk #jimmahfood #og

1919625_10204258900863655_6045689839268538978_nWhoa! T-shirt design I did in ’97 for my favorite record store in Kansas City. I used to shop there all the time when I was in art school. Good ‘ol midwest days. RIP Recycled Sounds. They were the first place to ever carry my zines and mini-comics, too.
#recycledsounds #kansascity #midwest #recordstore #rip #therealshit #visualfunk #jimmahfood

10494635_10204255145649777_8593372014353888984_n@allanamato’s epic Kickstarter for The Temple Of Art Project launched today! Show love and support at
Pictured above is me and Allan’s collabo piece of fellow artist/badass @sinfarquhar.
#templeofart #kickstarter #collab #documentary #therealshit #visualfunk #jimmahfood

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